Forthcoming 2023 LC Examination Adjustments

On 2nd Sept 2022, Minister Foley announced that a document detailing the adjusted assessment arrangements for every subject for the LC and the JC examinations will be published soon. Ahead of the publication of these arrangements, the AIPLF has addressed the following email and summary document to Minister Norma Foley:

Subject: Forthcoming Adjustments in the 2023 LC French examination

Dear Minister,

Ahead of the announcement of adjustments in the 2023 LC examinations, we wish to draw to your attention to the findings of a survey which was conducted for French teachers by the AIPLF (Irish Association of French-Language Teachers) regarding last year’s adjustments in the French LC examinations, and communicated to the SEC last March. Members proposed alternative suggestions to those which were on offer.

Please see the document attached.

We remain at your disposal should you need any additional information.

Yours Sincerely,

The AIPLF Team

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