Chief Inspector’s Report

Le dernier Chief Inspector’s Report, publié le 23 mars 2022 par le Department of Education, mentionne des changements potentiels à l’avenir pour les épreuves orales de langues au Leaving Certificate :

La page 34 du rapport indique que

“Teachers’ involvement in the delivery of examinations impacts on instruction time The State Examinations Commission (SEC) hires approximately 3,000 teachers each year to assist in the delivery of state oral and practical examinations. These teachers’ classes are taught by substitute teachers while the teachers are working for the certificate examinations. In 2018/2019, teachers were involved in the delivery of examinations for 6,104 days, an average of almost 8.5 days per school. The impact on each school is dependent on the number of teachers involved. 

Many schools face challenges in releasing teachers to become involved in the delivery of examinations due to the difficulties in sourcing qualified substitute teachers. This can, in turn, create challenges for the continuity of learning for students. 

The cancellation of oral examinations and other practical components in 2020, due to COVID-19 concerns, brought into sharp focus the importance of such components in assessing a wider range of skills. In 2021, oral and other practical examinations were held outside of normal school time and were facilitated by teachers appointed locally by schools and remunerated by the SEC. The flexibility shown by teachers in facilitating these exams led to very successful outcomes for students who were facilitated in demonstrating a broad range of skills without an unnecessary impact on tuition time. The possibility of continuing with such a model in future years is worth considering, both for the cost effectiveness of the arrangement and, importantly, in terms of benefit for students.”

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