Details about the reweighting in the 2022 LC papers from the SEC

On the request of a number of our post-primary members, we have contacted the State Examinations Commission to ask for clarification regarding the reweighting process for this year’s LC French examination. Please find below the details we have received from the SEC by email:

“Here is the breakdown in percentages for this year:

FrenchHigher levelOrdinary level
P1 (Reading and writing)55%55%
P2 (Aural)20%25%
P3 (Oral)25%20%

Normally the 55% in P1 is made up of 30% for Reading and 25% for Writing in HL. This year it’s approx. 25.5% for Reading and 29.5% for Writing in HL. (Explained in Adjustments doc.)

In OL, normally the 55% for P1 is made up of 40% for Reading and 15% for Writing. This year it’s 31.5% for Reading and 23.5 % for Writing in OL.”

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